Day: April 11, 2018

Everyone seems to have a horror story about a dog that would eat anything.We all know about a time that a dog got into the chocolate cake, or the onion soup, or the garlic chicken. Most of these stories result in harrowing trips to the emergency vet, terrifying vet bills, and huge amounts of worry […]
Its hard to believe that the school year is almost over and summer is here again. That means it is time for our annual camping trip. Hunter has gone on this trip every year since he was pup. Last year was no exception, his near obsession with water almost always gets him into some kind […]
Volume 13 of The Whole Dog Journal recently came out with an article called “Sleeping in Is Sweet.” It explains five things to do if your dog is waking you up early and how to get those precious minutes of sleep back. Here are their suggestions: 1. Rule out medical conditions – Get your dog checked to rule […]
If you have ever had to deal with doggie gas, you will appreciate this story. Last Thanksgiving, I had 17 people over for dinner. Hunter always engorges himself like it is his last day on earth and Thanksgiving was no different for him. He gobbled down his dinner as usual and soon developed a bad […]